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  1. LY22

    I applied procedure to K4 with serial B00E*, system version 4.1.0 – it doesn’t work.

    Missed parts in procedure:

    1) Copy SSH host keys from diagnostic root file system into normal one -

    cp -a /etc/dropbear /mnt/base-mmc/etc

    2) Install script to automatic start of dropbear (the reason for “Network error: Connection refused” message) in /mnt/base-mmc/etc/init.d/dropbear

    [root@kindle root]# cat /mnt/base-mmc/etc/init.d/dropbear

    [ -f ${_FUNCTIONS} ] && . ${_FUNCTIONS}

    case "$1" in


    msg "usage: /etc/init.d/$NAME {start}" W >&2
    exit 1


    exit 0

    … and link it into run level 5 script directory -

    ln -s /etc/init.d/dropbear /mnt/base-mmc/etc/rc5.d/S99dropbear

    (omit /mnt.. in first parameter).

    After that it works.

  2. Todd

    Worked for me with no problems on Kindle4 running 4.1. I used the default root password (not ‘mario’, but based on serial number) for usbNet and over wifi.
    Thanks for the writeup!


  3. Dan

    I got the same problem as Christian: when using PuTTY to access my Kindle 4 NT (Firmware 4.1.0) I get an “Network error: Connection refused” error.
    I am 100% sure that I use the right IP (retrieved via 771 page) and after adding a respective rule to the IPtable for allowing ICMP I even manage to ping my Kindle over WiFi with the IP.
    I just cannot get to the login screen via SSH! When trying “telnet 22″ I also get an “Connection failed” error, which indicates, that the Kindle is not listening on port 22.

    ANY ideas?!

  4. shiftersbox

    i have a kindle 4 nt 4.1fw. i followed the instruction on connecting using putty but i got a “connection refused” error. how do i get rid of this error? thanks.

  5. Dale

    If you can’t ssh in after doing this (Permission Denied), copy the passwd and shadow files from /etc to /mnt/base-mmc/etc like this:

    cp /etc/passwd /mnt/base-mmc/etc/passwd
    cp /etc/shadow /mnt/base-mmc/etc/shadow

    That should fix it for you.

  6. Christian

    Did anyone succeed in SSH to the Kindle through WiFi after updating the device to the new 4.1 firmware?

    I added the IPTABLES rule, but it didn’t work.

    I even dont’t get to the login. I am getting a network error (connection refused).

    Any hints?

  7. Christian

    There is an alternative way of retrieving the WiFi IP address:

    1. Open the menu by pressing the menu button
    2. Select “Settings”
    3. Press and hold the keyboard button
    4. Press the right Page Forward key (the “711 Page” will open)
    5. Page forward to page 2 of 3

    Here you can see the IP address used for connecting to your WiFi network.

  8. Techbrunch

    Hi, i don’t know why but when i try to ssh onto my kindle it says “Permission denied” but i have got the right password… I don’t understand. Do you have an idea of what could have been wrong ?

    1. Techbrunch

      Apparently I can’t login as root over wifi, i tried with user framework and password mario and it works…

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